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Design & digital
Melbourne, Australia

Design is more than just pushing pixels about a screen. It goes far beyond superficial stylistic concerns. We believe that design is powerful.

Effective design should speak to the essence of a brand, communicating a brand’s values and personality. It should be thoughtful, purpose-built and lasting.

We believe a strong design presence is vital to a brand’s success. At Rock, we pride ourselves in creating targeted, appropriate design solutions for our clients. We help brands connect with their audience through smart design decisions borne of years of experience.

Can we help your brand shine?


Rock is headed by Luke Sharrock, a senior graphic design “all-rounder”, with 15 years in the industry. Luke has worked across a wide variety of design disciplines – from publishing projects large and small; to freelance contract work for government and private enterprise; to web design and UX consulting work.



In Branding / Graphic design / Web design

Car Next Door Web design and UX

In Graphic design / Web design

Legal Rocket

In Branding / Graphic design / Illustration / Web design

Sustainability Aware series

In App development / Branding / Graphic design / Illustration / Publishing design / Web design

Mitsein identity

In Branding / Graphic design / Illustration / Web design

Zulya CD artwork

In Graphic design

Moniko website

In Web design

Half book

In Design experiments / Graphic design / Publishing design

Victoria Prize booklet

In Graphic design / Publishing design

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